H41 Sill-Pfons Gorge

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At 64 kilometers in length, the Brenner Basis Tunnel will be the longest underground rail tunnel in the world, connecting Italy and Austria below the Alps.

The configuration of the Brenner Base Tunnel will include two main, parallel, single-track tunnels, connected every 333 meters by cross passages, intended for securing or accommodating equipment. The two TBMs Ida and Lilia will excavate a total of about 16.5 kilometers of main tunnels, while the 38 transverse tunnels, totaling 2.3 kilometers, will be excavated by conventional methods (using explosives).

Lot H41 starts at the Sill Stream Gorge near Innsbruck in the north and ends at Pfons further south. The main works of this lot also include the completion of the Innsbruck emergency stop, the construction of an overpass to cross the A13 highway, and the excavation by traditional method in the direction of about 5.7 kilometers of tunnel.

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Duration: 01.2022 - In corso

Amount: 651'000'000 (euro)

Customer: BBT Galleria di Base del Brennero

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The new section of the Brenner Basis Tunnel goes to CSC Costruzioni and Webuild

Milan, Nov. 18, 2021 - CSC Costruzioni, together with its parent company Webuild, has been awarded the new construction Lot "H41 Sill-Pfons Gorge" of the Brenner Base Tunnel, with a total value of €651 million.



Excavation work begins on the Austrian lot of the Brenner Base Tunnel for the world's longest rail tunnel

INNSBRUCK, Austria, July 12, 2022 - Excavation work has begun on Lot H41 Sill- Pfons Gorge, one of the largest sections of the Brenner Base Tunnel, which, when completed, will be the longest rail tunnel in the world at 64km.

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