Our expertise

We aim for excellence and quality in each of our projects

Operating in Switzerland for 60 years, CSC Costruzioni is a general contractor specialized in high-complex multidisciplinary projects.

With over 20 ongoing projects and 300 employees bringing their expertise and know-how to build complex and sustainable structures, CSC Costruzioni is a solid and reliable partner in Switzerland.

We don't just meet the expectations of society and our customers. We strive for excellence and quality in each and every one of our projects, to deliver useful, durable structures for today and tomorrow.

With a diversified offering ranging from data center and building construction to civil engineering and underground works, and working as a total contractor, we are committed to developing more environmentally-friendly solutions that improve our daily lives and meet the challenges facing each and every one of us.


For several decades, we have been designing and building high-complex and sustainable infrastructures all over the country.

From residential to industrial and office buildings, our teams bring their unique expertise and experience to create emblematic masterpieces.

Our projects


Since 1960, we are building some of the country's most iconic structures, such as the Gotthard and Brenner tunnels.

With our high-level tender department, we are enable to meet new challenges to improve daily life and become a key player in this market .

Our mission: to cross borders and create infrastructures that bring people together.

Our projects

Civil engineering

We build civil engineering structures that are fundamental to people's daily lives, whether in terms of safety or comfort.

We are committed to a wide range of civil engineering projects, backed up by a large warehouse in the canton of Ticino, enabling us to successfully complete projects of any complexity and nature.

Our projects

Data Centers

With our International General Contractor’s experience, we support our clients at all stages in the life cycle of their data centers infrastructures.

We are committed to a responsible digital transition, to help companies benefit from sustainable data centers.

In all our business areas, we can rely on the Webuild’s know-how and experience as major player worldwide.

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