SH2 Data Center à Gland

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Description de l'ouvrage

The works include for 18MW of IT capacity, to complement Stack Infrastructure's data center network
in Switzerland, SH1, SH3 and SH4.
Key features of this data center project:

  • Dual feed electrical supplies from the grid
  • Concurrent maintainability mechanical systems
  • PUE of 1.3 – 1.8

We have access to a number of specialists to support us in simulating data centre conditions:

  • Electrical system modelling using Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Statistical Single Point Of Failure (SPOF) analysis and RAMS
  • Annualized Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) modelling to predict energy and carbon usage
  • Calculation of Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) to predict water use
  • CFD modelling for air flow within the data halls
  • Arc Flash Study
  • Reliability availability Maintainability Studies
  • Clash-free 3D models through collaborative interdisciplinary coordination
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Durée: 07.2021 - En cours

Montant: 131'500'000 CHF

Maître d'ouvrage: Stack Infrastructure

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Innovation et durabilité : csc remporte un contrat de 132 millions de CHF pour le DataCenter de SafeHost en Suisse Romande

Csc costruzioni sa (Webuild Group) remporte un contrat de 131,5 millions de francs suisses (120 millions d'euros) pour la construction d'une capacité supplémentaire de 18 MW, pour le Data Center de Safe Host à Gland (canton de Vaud), en Suisse.

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