CSC Costruzioni (Webuild Group), in consortium, has been awarded the €157 million "N2 Gentilino-Lamone (Lot 202)" highway project in Switzerland.

It is the largest extraordinary maintenance contracted in the Canton of Ticino in the road sector in the past 30 years.

CSC, with a 35 percent share, will lead the consortium that will carry out the work, which also includes Swiss companies Implenia, Edilstrada, Matteo Muttoni Costruzioni and Casada.

Commissioned by the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO), the works are part of the larger "FEDRO EP 28 Gentilino-Lamone" project, which includes extraordinary maintenance and modernization works to be carried out on just over 6 kilometers of the N2 highway axis, from the North Portal of the Gentilino Tunnel to Lamone, including the Lugano North interchange.

Lot 202 refers to major civil engineering works, including the reconstruction and modernization of 27 structures, including underpasses, bridges and related works. The duration of the works is approximately 4 years, and up to 120 people, including direct and third-party personnel, are expected to be employed to carry out the works.

The execution phase of the project will be made challenging by the need to keep the entire highway section, which is characterized by a high volume of traffic, in operation at all times. For road repaving, 80 percent of the asphalts produced from recycled materials will be used.

CSC is currently working on a number of highway projects between Milan and Gotthard, including the maintenance and upgrading of about 2 kilometers of highway between Chiasso and Lugano, also in the Canton of Ticino.

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