Three buildings on Rue des Maraichers - Geneva

Impresa Generale

Work description

Located in an urban context composed mainly of semi-detached buildings in blocks more or less enclosed on the courtyard, the perimeter of the project is currently occupied by three buildings whose arrangement provides a counterpoint to the surrounding density. The arrangement of future buildings is based on the principle of occupation of the structures to be demolished, but adopts a "variable" and faceted geometry.
The pentagonal shape adopted by the planned built volumes, in addition to showing a remarkable character in the neighborhood, allows the linear façade to increase by avoiding vis-à-vis between the planned buildings and their surroundings. It also accentuates the feeling of openness and permeability of the block.

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Duration: 10.2020 - In corso

Amount: 28'300'000 CHF

Customer: Hospice Général-Service Immobilier

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Csc costruzioni sa si è aggiudicata un contratto del valore di oltre 28 milioni di franchi svizzeri per la costruzione di tre edifici residenziali nel centro di Ginevra.

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